Inspire your Galactic Family of Light by passionately following your Heart.

Inspire your Galactic Family of Light by passionately following your Heart. Our Galactic Family (who are enlightened beings) applaud each of us when we listen to and follow our Hearts. It collectively raises the vibration of the planet and brings balance to the Universe. The benefits are happiness and health, and living in alignment with one’s higher purpose.

How does one follow his or her Heart? Here is a great place to start but is not all inclusive:

    1. You have to become clear
      1. Meditate daily. Learn to clear the chakras  and your energy field
      2. Learn to strengthen and protect your energy field daily, and prior to meditation
      3. Breath in Chi (or Prana) to energize and strengthen. Basic breathing exercises are wonderful too.
      4. Do some form of light to moderate exercise each day if you can.
      5. Intend and decide to open the Heart.
      6. While meditating, ask to connect with the higher spiritual part of you, and only with your higher self
    2. Focus on how you feel versus what the voice in your head is saying. If there is a voice emanating from the heart area, that is good!
    3. Direct your questions to your Heart (the physical organ and the energy center) and visualize (while feeling gratitude/appreciation) it listening intently to you. When you are done with your question or request, then listen intently focusing on your Heart (moving your awareness to your Heart – instead of your head)
      1. The answer may be a feeling awareness, a voice or something else. Use your discernment.
    4. Start out asking simple things, and work your way up to larger asks/requests. As you become familiar with your OWN energy you will gain total confidence in following your Heart. Your heart (or even your higher self) will never direct you to do something harmful, unethical or something that is based on fear energy. If you experience any of this, you’ll need to relax, call in the Violet Flame and clear yourself at a minimum. You will master this in no time and will find yourself following your Heart always. The benefits will be exponentially helpful and your Galactic Family of Light will be proud of your progress.

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Reason to Bless Your Food

Bless your food before you eat it. It will do good to honor / raise its vibration to your level; so as not to bring yours down too much. Additionally, our food has had many things done to it ranging from crop dusting to inhumane slaughtering and chemical processing. Believe it or not those things translate into a vibration that is imprinted in the molecules of the thing that is to become food for us. Can you see why we would want to do something in order to “make it better” for us?

Please watch this video for information on water consciousness. Afterwards one will understand that our bodies are made largely of water and we too can bless our bodies, in addition to our food.

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Creating Peace, Joy and Harmony

Know that if you can imagine living in a World of Peace, Joy and Harmony that it is possible. Keep that feeling with you as long as you can.The longer you sustain a feeling of gratitude along with this thought the quicker the universe will delivery things that resonate with living in a World of Peace, Joy and Harmony. Do not doubt that your effort can be the one that finally pushes mass consciousness into the state of Enlightenment!

Take a moment to relax and watch this short video:

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