The World Is Saying “Enough Already.”

The global consciousness can be manipulated (like tug-o-war), and music can speak directly to that humanity part of us (our subconscious or higher) that knows we are all in this together, and move us in a positive direction. But we need to act (however necessary: E.g., yoga, meditation, donating to charity, voting, attending city council meetings, speaking out against violence, helping to remove from office those that stand in the way of ending world hunger, etc.) on tugging the mass consciousness over the threshold that makes all off us equally relevant which starts with holding leaders accountable that minimize or ignore any part of what “We the People…” stand for, not only as a country but globally. We are better, and more powerful, than we think we are and can do this; especially when we stand together. “We need everyone off the sideline and in the game.” Hatred and the disrespect of our brothers and sisters cannot be tolerated any longer.

newearthassn (New Earth Compassion Association)

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