Why Do I Feel Sick? What’s Wrong With Me? Ascension Symptions…

It can be scary and stressful to all of a sudden begin getting aches and pains, or even to have old injuries (be it physical, emotional or mental) resurface. Sure you have made one or [many] more trips around the sun since you’ve graduated high school or college, but why all of the sudden are you experiencing bodily pain, nausea, dizziness, headaches, detox, etc.?  Sure you’ve been to the doctor and perhaps they’ve label your condition as Fibromyalgia or perhaps indicated there isn’t or shouldn’t be anything wrong with you. Maybe you’ve been referred to another specialist to do more tests. Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed as having a dis-ease but in your mind it doesn’t make any sense. Whatever the case may be, you should definitely get it checked out if you have concerns for your well being as it relates to this “new” issue(s) in your life. You should also educate yourself on other possibilities that are now just getting to be mainstream in the spiritual community. They are called Ascension Symptoms and, no , this is not an excuse or an attempt to give your condition/issue another label. It is a truth and is something that can be managed if you learn about them, learn about the ways to minimize and alleviate [heal] them, and then actively incorporate your newly acquired knowledge into your life. Ultimately this “healing” work will increase one’s vibration and help to transmute negativity and blockages in the body temple as it evolves from carbon-based DNA to a crystalline structure. Unfortunately one will suffer should ascension symptoms be left “untreated” by natural/spiritual means. It is important that one incorporates healing and balancing into his or her daily life in order to have a smooth(er) [ascension] ride these last days of 2012. Detoxing and healing, on all levels, is required in order to make the transition from 3rd density (3D) into 4th density (4D); and higher. We already are in [mid to upper] 4D now. Are you noticing the number of people ascending without their bodies? Consciously raising one’s vibration through positive, Loving thoughts and actions – especially to one’s self – is mandatory to make it from 4D to 5th density (5D) with your body; where there is no death, war, hatred, negativity, pain, starvation, suffering, lack, crime, or want. There is Love, and opportunities to evolve, assist, and create as a galactic being.

Reference Material

Having said all of that, I have included a very good video introduction to Ascension Symptoms.

I have also included a link to another blog I’ve written that will help with the transmutation of negativity and blockages in the body. https://eneca.org/2010/07/20/inspire-your-galactic-family-of-light-by-passionately-following-your-heart-20-jul-10/. Ultimately you’ll want to learn how to call in the Violet Flame and use it on a daily, or more frequent, basis. I wish that this information and blog will assist you on your evolutionary path to ascension.


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