You can love without liking

By Ann Albers

Last week we talked about finding the love in all things and all beings. We know this isn’t easy, because this is not the way humanity is programmed. We say “programmed” because we know that your true nature is to see the light within every soul and every situation, but it is your cultural conditioning that teaches you to protect yourself and to survive.

This is understandable, and at times, humanly necessary. Children who are too trusting could easily find themselves in trouble, and yet dear ones, as adults you can discern without judgment, love without liking, and choose to focus on the light within an individual even if you choose to walk away. You will live a far happier and more powerful life if you strive to do so.

There is great confusion between judgment and discernment. We have said this before, but “Judgment says ‘No right to be.’ Discernment says, ‘Not right for me.'” So when someone is acting in a way that you do not agree with, by all means we say, discern! Decide who and what belongs in your life. Get away from the offensive individual as soon as you can, or if you can’t get away, at least make a decision to stay in your own positive energy rather than succumbing to the ill-behaved individual’s desire for company in their misery. Ignore them, send light, work to remember that even within this wounded or unconscious soul there is a spark of divinity.

Likewise, there is a great deal of confusion between “love” and “like” on your planet. Love, in the heavens, simply means recognizing the divine spark within another. Like means having warm feelings towards another. You can love the soul without ever having to like the personality or the behaviors. Love the light within them, no matter how dim or hidden. Choose to believe in its presence. And yet you do not have to feel warmly about an individual. You do not have to want to be around them. You do not have to agree, accept, or even have anything to do with someone you don’t like, but please dear ones, don’t hate. Love the light within them, because no matter how awkwardly it is trying to emerge, it is the same light within you. As you focus on that light, sometimes you can actually, energetically, fan the flames of their soul.

So when we say find the love, we are not asking you to feel warm about everyone, nor to have everyone in your life. We are not asking you to put up with behaviors that do not resonate with your joy. We are not asking you to stay in situations that hurt or are uncomfortable to your spirit. We are simply suggesting that you will feel better, more powerful, and more in integrity with your own spirit if you can say, “Well no matter what anyone is doing, there is light in their soul trying to emerge, and I can love that light.” Dear ones, then you will begin to see humanity as the angels do.

[5DSS] 8/23/2015 – Earth Changes

Hi Everyone,

I hope this update finds you prospering during this time of energetic expansion. We have become aware of events that are to unfold in the September 2015 time frame. Let’s start with this video by Jeff Berwick (the Dollar Vigilante) explaining how the monetary system is on the verge of collapse; finally. Read on to hear about the synchronicity of this event:

Next we learned, through an audio update from the Hollow Earth Network, that the Plan has changed to expedite ascension. MASS EVACUATIONS are to come, but do not panic… all is good. Sounds crazy, right? Mother Earth is very sick and needs to heal, like now!

Sheldon Nidle’s last Galactic Federation Post is here. Stuff is going down soon:

Anne DeHart’s Newsletter for Hollow Earth Network just came out (see below or click the link). Her newsletters and all messages from HEN will soon be replaced by direct communications/teachings from the Galactic Federation:

Oh one final thing. Truth is coming out on how to get powerful healing from physical chronic and degenerative diseases. Dr. Robert Morse N.D., has an extensive library of videos that are tremendously informational and his information is saving lives. You’ll be surprised to learn about this and what he says is the optimum human diet. He sells “kits” that address various issues, and he can customize a treatment plan for your particular issue(s). It’s well worth the investment because we really want to be around for The Great Shift. Dr. Morse requires you to fill out a questionnaire and send photos of your eyes so that he can do an iris (Iridology) reading.

Please go within and discern this information. Much information is coming out indicating that an ever-large shift is imminent. The Shift of all Shifts. If you’ve been following ascension news for some time, then you will be happy to know this information. If not, then this information is very timely, indeed.

Please share this information as you find appropriate. I will be starting an email list soon, but wanted you to have this information since there are some very important changes coming up.

So be it, and so it is.

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