The Most Important Time Is NOW

I find myself spending less time on the internet, these days, and more time in meditative though. It is very similar to what I use to do as a baby between the ages of 0 and 2 [trips around the sun.] These final days of 2012 are upon us and humanity faces a very important decision that each individual has to make. That decision is to ascend or not to ascend. It is not a question. Though individually we have made this decision prior to incarnating, at this time some of us feel like we’ve lost our way, but there is that inkling or spark of light that keeps reminding us that it is time. Listen to it. It is time to wake up to our full consciousness. That is why we are here at this time. It’s time to wake up and bring this duality into oneness.

Okay, now an explanation is needed for what is meant by “ascension”, “incarnation”, “full consciousness”, “oneness”, etc. I recently came across information that on these concepts that explain them relatively straight forward. These concepts reach very far back into history, and predates Religion. Have a look at these two videos to get a very good overview because you’ll need this information to help you with the immediate days to come; leading up to 12/21/2012. Pace yourself with this information as there is 5.5 hours of information combined below. Remember that this is an overview of a very broad subject of humanity (of you) and what they did not teach anyone in any school. The fact that this information culminated through individuals and technology is amazing and right on time. Please enjoy. Don’t let your research stop here, but know that this is a good beginning if this is the first time you’ve become aware of it, and a good review to see if this resonates with your understanding. Like me, take what resonates, and leave the rest.

Spirit Science 1 – 15 FULL MOVIE SERIES 2012

The Mechanics of Ascension – Danny Searle Full 8 Parts

Today I read two very good, refreshing, and much needed posts by SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey.  I’ll point you to Kauilapele’s blog site for those as you will find many other bits there that may interest you. These post will explain what is going on right now with regard to the opening of the 12:12:12 portal and leading up to 12/21/2012 at 11:11 PM.

SaLuSa 12-5-12… “[The 12-12-12]…all will receive the energies and benefit from them”

SaLuSa 12-7-12… “Ascension is the most important event in your lives”

There are many things going on in our world, at this time, and it is very chaotic; especially if you are not aware of the energies and of the ascension that is affecting every person, place and thing – to include the Earth herself — and the Universe. If you are centered in yourself, and have learned to be in your Heart and to Love with your Heart, you are probably sitting back watching everything on a screen, as it were, and holding your intention of the arrival of our Galactic Family and Heaven on Earth.

The Most Important Time Is NOW. Please take responsibility for your OWN ascension. Everyone must do it themselves, and of their own free will. Don’t worry about those (even your closest loved ones) that do not want to hear about this [ascension] because they have their own Soul contracts and have their own timing as to when they will awaken to their full consciousness. They will let you know when or if they are ready. Love them, and Love yourself. In the end, no one is left behind.


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