Shadow Operations: The Mars Project

Usually, the act of covering something up carries a negative connotation because it assumes something wrong was done and needs to be removed from the public’s reach. There have been numerous “cover ups” talked about, and even documented, that would have serious consequences if the public consciousness came to realize their power was being diminished and their prosperity denied. Many reasons exist why the public consciousness has not awakened to the fact that the powers that be look upon them as herds of cattle or sheep, but soon enough, enough individuals will become aware and want to take back their power. When enough have gone through this awakening, others will begin to spontaneous awaken (Google the “hundredth monkey” effect.)

Two very well known truth seekers, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy are in the pilot television show call¬† “Shadow Operations: The Mars Project.” This show will expose a truth so juicy that it just may bring down the house of cards around the cover up of ETs, UFOs and our Galactic families; both in the Earth (Google The Hollow Earth Network) and off planet.

Watch Shadow Operations: The Mars Project with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy with an Appearance by David Wilcock.

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