Ascension Tour 2012: Seattle, WA (10/14/2012)

Ascension Tour 2012: Seattle, WA

Event Date: Sunday 10/14/2012 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Event Location: The Ascension Into Light Foundation, 1222 S. Weller St, Seattle WA,  98144
Duration: This workshop/gathering will be a 6 hour minimum event, plus a lunch break
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Purchase Tickets: Online at ($40 includes applicable fees) or $40 cash at the door on the day of event

December 21, 2012 is quickly approaching and there are many questions about what is going on now and what is to come. Is the Earth Hollow? What information is really being kept from us? Are we alone in the universe? Have you heard talk of the new money exchange? How will life be in the new dimensionality?

Our speakers are Zaraya (Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard), of The Hollow Earth Network, whose father, Zorra, from Hollow Earth will speak through him. Also will be renowned author and channel, Nancy Tate, of The Tree of the Golden Light, through whom Hatonn, Horus and Others will speak. They, along with Quasar (Billie’s Twin-Flame, Jane Stevens) and Bob Towers (Nancy’s Life-Partner) will hold this special 6 hour event. This workshop will be very interactive with the attendees. There will be lots of time given for questions, to be answered by the beings.

Two of the main topics of discussion will be the upcoming ascension and the union of our space, surface and inner/hollow earth brothers and sisters. As you all know, the energy is changing quite quickly, and therefore the information given in each workshop (across the country) will be appropriate to the energy of that time. Any new information will be shared through the websites, and so that any of you who are not able to attend will not miss out on any new information.

Admission at the door is $40 (cash only) per person. Seating is limited. Purchase online, at, to reserve your seat. All ticket sales are final and are non-refundable. There is a “No Shoes” policy inside the spiritual center so please being socks. Also bring your own transportable lunch/snacks (1 fridge on site). There are some restaurants located fairly close but there is only an hour for the lunch break. Check for details.
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