More Displays of Light 8/20/2012

There is this star (ship) that has followed the jet for over an hour. I had to break out my iPod so that I could make a journal entry. We had been flying for about an hour now, heading west to Seattle, and had been chasing the last glimmer of the sunset (beautiful dark blue sliver of sky on top of the clouds that are bathed in blackness.) I first noticed the blinking red/white light following us as the sun was setting. The “blinker” was putting on quite a display as it watched us from the dark part of the sky. What a show! Is this for my benefit? Nah, it was for my entertainment, and for everyone else’s benefit. It was so huge and almost looked like two lights having a conversation. It was straight outside my window and looking down a bit over the horizon of planet. We were cruising at over 30,000 ft.

Then there is this light blob that has stayed in the front of the jet, of which I can see through my cabin window towards the front of the plane, that we cannot seem to catch up to. It is a soft orange-ish color and it just disappeared as I started journaling this. It was miles long and was definitely in the dark.

As I am wishing I had watched the orange-ish light something told me to wish it back and so I did. I saw it appear in an instant. After about 30 minutes of watching it it started to transform into a shadow of clouds. Wild! But hey look, the light is still following; even though the jet changed course a couple times. It gets dim and disappears sometimes but always rekindles when I look for it. Yes, and by the way, there are two others following as well (forming a bit of a triangle.) My neck is really starting to bother me. I can’t stop looking out the window:)

As the jet approached Sea-Tac airport I noticed the light shifting behind us. My neck was really knotting up from rubbernecking for 2 1/2 hours, so I looked straight forward for 30 seconds or so. Then I looked out the window again, and noticed there were new lights at an easy angle just straight outside my window again. Sweet! Oh that’s a plane. Sorry about that. Wait there’s another bright light as the jet turns again. Probably another jet! Uhhhhhh, WTF (where are the faeries), it has wings and is coming right at us. Wait, it’s not a jumbo jet, and that would not be allowed to approach like this so near to the airport (we’re probably only flying at 4,000 ft. – getting ready to land.) It shows itself even bigger; it’s a ship no doubt. It’s got length and is lit up now. I can see the metallic span of whatever I am looking at. Oh, and it is definitely dark outside. Then it turns into a dot of light. Very cool. And as we are getting ready to touch down, the dot starts blinking like crazy – Red, blue, white. Then it catches on fire as it expands into a cluster of lights – really going crazy as we touch down. My attention was under arrest. Spectacular show! Oh and guess what? I bet the pilots had a great show from the cockpit. I can imagine what the folks in the flight tower must have been saying; or perhaps they were not saying anything – staring with gaping expressions. And now I am really noticing (feeling) the guy sitting in the isle seat, next to me, that he has been watching me for over two hours. Somehow I think he knows what the deal is!

No doubt, there is an increased presence in the skies. With this kind of non-subtle display of magnificence occurring where masses of people can witness it, it will not be long before we see this in broad daylight in a city near you.

Update 8/21/2012 6:58 AM PT: I awoke this morning thinking of the wild light show of the ship as the jet touched down. Then a feeling came over me indicating because for a split moment there I wondered why the lights (ships) were with us almost, seemingly from take off to landing of our flight. This overwhelming feeling was “of protection.”  I will not delve into this further, but want to say the following: “Thank you, Galactic Federation, Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command (and those of the Galactic Federation Alliances), Angels, Archangels, God (creator), Universe, Guides, Guardians, Device Template Teams, Solar Angels, White Brotherhood of Light, Spirit and All that are of the Christ Consciousness that are with us through this ascension process. I acknowledge you and am grateful for your assistance. And, Faeries and the Earth Kingdom, I acknowledge that you are real. ~Namaste

Peace, out.

newearthassn (New Earth Compassion Association)

P.S. I slammed this together pretty quickly. I will revisit this and clean it up when I get a chance.

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